Around the Intercrag

More climbing internet goodies up for your perusal:

Red Bull posted this video of Angy Eiter messing around in Kyparissi, Greece to their YouTube account. The place looks absolutely beautiful. Make sure to turn on subtitles if you don’t speak German 🙂

DPM threw up this Mad Rock-produced video talking about Megan Mascarenas, and her drive for climbing. This one is more artistic, rather than just a straight climbing vid, but it’s still pretty rad.

Here’s a cool vid of Lizzy Asher attempting 4 highballs for the first time in one day in Squamish. This one comes from the RV Project. There’s actually a bunch of really cool videos on that website if you haven’t looked through it before.

Finally, CruxCrush posted this article advocating for taking more rest days by Galina Parfenov.

And here’s an adorable dog crushing what appears to be at least a V9:

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