Calling all Climbers – We Need You!

So here’s the deal. We can write stories, post links, do all the bloggy stuff, and you can read it. And that’d be okay but it would fail to achieve the goal of— which is to build a forum to discuss women in climbing, and instigate a conversation about the direction the sport will go in the future. To get there, we need your help.

We’re looking for anyone out there with a great climbing story, a trip report, a clever one liner, or a novel having to do with women in climbing. We want to be a place for you to make your voice heard on a wider level. Send us your stuff, and we’ll send you a free t-shirt and be new best friends. We don’t care if you have experience, or even if you can punctuate properly (we can do the editing). We just want to highlight interesting voices that might otherwise be drowned out.

Cool? Cool.

If you’re interested, drop me a line at and we can get started.

Speaking of cool things, recently through up this interview with Delaney Miller, who recently secured 9th overall for the full-year, Climbing World Cup circuit (the first time an American has placed top 10 since the 90s). Go check it out, and get inspired!

Also, if you feel like watching some excellent climbing, DPM posted the video of the IFSC Lead finals from China. Enjoy!

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