Hello World.

We’re well into our first year as a company, and so much has changed. It seems like every day we find new ways to achieve our goal of building a stronger family of climbers. With the launch of our Fall 2015 line today, Avate Apparel would like to unveil a new project we’re incredibly excited about.

Enter Avate Women. At this point, the female contribution to modern climbing needs no introduction— the girls are here to stay, and they send hard.

First, we’re expanding our line to include more clothes specifically tailored to the needs of female climbers. Check out our new women’s line here.

Second, we’re launching this blog. We want the Avate Women Blog to be a place where we can talk about all the dope things women are doing around the world of the rock climbing, be it first ascents, competition victories, or progress on an exciting new project. We hope to have guest columns from female climbers giving their perspective on different issues, climbing tips for women, all sorts of good stuff. The point is to make this place a one-stop-shop for the female stoke.

Welcome to Avate Women! This is our newest experiment, and it’s one we’re incredibly excited about. Stay tuned!

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